Bangladesh elevator company

1. Elevator Company

Wells Engineering Ltd

WELLS Engineering Limited is providing the latest and customizable solutions to the vertical transportation of your building. With compliance to the world’s latest Elevator brands, providing modern technology. As a renowned quality provider, we offer a wide variety of elevator systems from a single source, individually tailored to your architectural design.

2. Latest Technology

Wells MRL elevator

Wells Engineering Provide Machine room-less elevators that do not have a fixed machine room on the top of the hoistway, instead, the traction hoisting machine is installed either on the top side wall of the hoistway or on the bottom of the hoistway. The motor is installed using a permanent magnet that “sticks” the motor permanently and works with a Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drive. Some of the hoisting machines are using gearless synchronous motors instead conventional induction motors. This design eliminates the need for a fixed machine room and thus saves much building space. Almost all the traction MRL elevators are gearless traction.

3. Energy Saving 40%

Usually, traction elevators have counterweights, which are connected to the cabin by a pulley, and therefore it descends when the elevator is rising, and vice versa. New technologies and best practices namely motors and drives, regeneration converters, better control software, optimization of counterweights,
direct drives versus rope traction elevators, cabin lighting, etc.
can yield significant savings. Within a driving class, the best performing elevators can use up to 80% less electricity than the least efficient ones.
Electricity consumption in the tertiary sector in EU-25 by 2020 is foreseen to be 950TWh. Elevators and escalators now represent 4% of the total electricity consumption in the tertiary sector, with a trend for a significant increase in this share. Since potential savings of over 50% are possible, the impact of this
project is the reduction of 20-25 TWh, translating into the reduction of 9-11 Motons of CO2 emissions. Additional savings are possible in the residential sector, particularly in multi-family buildings. Energy-efficient elevator and escalator technologies can also lead to decreased maintenance requirements, less
downtime, and increased safety.

4. Complying with manufacturing standard 

Product Sample

Complying EN 81-20 codes as manufacturing standard in our supplier’s factory we believe in “extending your life and living space” by providing the best-fitted elevators consuming less space, environment-friendly generators, and world-class escalators for your prestigious projects. It believes that elevation is the most important part of your building. Why not give it an elegant and premium look with gorgeous interiors in your affordable financing?

5. Quality and safety

WELLS brings you the best in the budget, the best in design, and zero tolerance for compromising quality and safety. The elevator is manufactured from different sourcing.

6. Customer Service

Customer service team

Wells has experienced commissioning engineers, annual maintenance responsibilities, easy financing options, and all other facilities according to your desire. WELLS treats its customers as the most important part of their family and takes the action towards solutions rapidly.